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Bathwater by Jason Andrew

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Bathwater is an exploration of the camaraderie and connection that is forged among the swimmers who connect in the open water and the mental and physical benefits of immersing oneself into the sea. From the meditative rhythm of the waves to the exhilaration of a winter sea swim, this work captures the complex emotions and sensations that are inherent with open water swimming and the strangers who have become family.

A quick fire collaboration between the creative firm c–ll–ct–v–ly  and Jason Andrew, Bathwater is number #12 in their Unseen Projects series. This limited run design zine (x100) is a photographic journal about my open water swim community in Annapolis, Maryland. 

Designed by art director Mark Leeds and printed by With Print,  the edition is printed A5 and 20 pages long, each signed and numbered. 

Available in Europe through Magculture.

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